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Enterprise Asset Management Software

Manage asset lifecycles, optimize performance, and maximize your returns with MobileFrame's Enterprise Asset Management software

Smart businesses know that optimizing asset performance cuts costs and enables growth. Effectively managing the assets that are so crucial to your business success means tracking everything from software & IT assets, to vehicles, medical equipment, tools, & more. MobileFrame's enterprise asset management (EAM) software tracks all of your asset information and provides the real-time data you need to make better decisions, all from a single-source.

Enterprise asset management software that has it all

Effective enterprise asset management requires more than just tracking your assets and inventory. Our EAM software provides everything businesses need to thoroughly manage assets and optimize their performance: from detailed asset tracking, lifecycle management, and inventory counts to preventative/predictive maintenance, timekeeping, and rentals.

Our asset management software helps organizations:

  • Manage assets from a single platform & gain real-time visibility into asset condition
  • Track customer and employee check ins/outs, rentals, and more
  • Automate all service work including corrective (break-fix or reactionary work), preventative/predictive maintenance, & more
  • Schedule & deploy the right technicians for the job and ensure they have the right inventory on-hand
  • Keep detailed records of asset information including performance metrics, asset schedules, maintenance records & other asset history, etc.
  • Follow planned maintenance schedules
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
EAM Software for iPhone, Android, Windows, & the Web

EAM software for any device - iPhone, Android, Windows & the Web

Our enterprise asset management software is 100% customizable

because it's built on the MobileFrame platform. Our code-free mobile application development platform also enables businesses to easily create additional mobile apps to automate other business processes such as timekeeping, deliveries, facilities management, etc. at no additional cost.

In fact, using MobileFrame's platform you can easily integrate to any other enterprise system (even our competitors!)

Fully integrate your asset management software for even greater ROI

At MobileFrame, we believe in automating entire businesses to improve performance and maximize productivity. While our enterprise asset management software works great on its own, it's also been designed to integrate seamlessly with our other solutions including our inventory tracking and field service (work orders, repairs, preventative maintenance, etc.) software to maximize operational efficiency and provide even greater returns on investment.

Additional information about our EAM software

Additional features and benefits of our Enterprise Asset Management Software

Keep track of your assets

Know exactly where every asset is, where it's been, and where it's going. Our EAM software tracks critical asset information, keeps detailed asset histories & transaction logs, and schedules future asset usage. Our enterprise asset management software simplifies asset requests & deployment, ensuring approvals are obtained, entitlements are validated, chargebacks are issued, services are provisioned, and maintenance is performed.

Track any asset (furniture, equipment, vehicles, & more) by site, location, department, item number, serial number, purchase order, etc.

Real-time inventory management

Maximize useful life by ensuring proper maintenance

Schedule routine maintenance and ensure that it is properly performed and on time. Our enterprise asset management software also covers preventative & predictive maintenance, and seamlessly integrates to our Field Service Software to automate the entire maintenance process. The system sends automatic alerts for upcoming maintenance, past-due maintenance, overdue check-outs, expired items, etc.

Keeping assets well maintained & knowing when to replace them extends their useful life and eliminates unnecessary replacement costs.

Cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, & Web

Cross-platform: iOS, Android, Windows & the Web

Our Enterprise Asset Management Software is built on MobileFrame's code-free mobile application development platform so they'll run on iOS, Android, and Windows-based operating systems.

Cross-platform mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows, & Web

Some key features of our EAM software

  • Operates with or without network connectivity
  • Integrated barcode printing & scanning
  • Check assets in or out to customers & employees
  • Integration Wizard simplifies integrations to your backend systems
  • Enterprise-class synchronization & military-grade security
  • Accommodates multiple businesses, sites, locations, etc.
  • Routine/scheduled, preventative, and predictive maintenance functionality
  • Built-in inventory management to minimize inventory costs

Additional benefits of MobileFrame EAM

  • 50% reduction in labor and purchase processing costs
  • 20% reduction in maintenance material costs & production downtime
  • Less time spent looking for lost or checked-out assets
  • Extends useful life of assets by scheduling and ensuring proper maintenance
  • 5% reduction in new equipment costs by eliminating unnecessary replacements
  • Cut inventory levels, purchase costs, and carrying costs while increasing productivity
  • Easily comply with regulations & requirements

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