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Los Gatos, CA 95032 USA

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MobileFrame is the only no-code / low-code app development platform built specifically for businesses. We've been pioneering the enterprise mobile apps industry since 2001... and we're still the only platform that provides everything enterprises need to successfully deliver high ROI solutions.

The MobileFrame platform provides complete lifecycle capabilities so you can design, develop, integrate, test, deploy and manage enterprise applications simpler, faster & more effectively. MobileFrame empowers everyone on your team (developers and non-developers alike) to quickly create engaging cross-platform solutions.

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Our team combines over 350 years collective experience in enterprise software design, development, and management drawing on backgrounds with major corporations such as Cisco, Sun, IBM, Oracle, Netscape, Remedy, and Apple Computer. Our technical expertise spans a range of technologies including every major operating system, internet technologies, mobile and wireless middleware, local and wide-area networks, and enterprise systems.

Our engineers build software that is simple to use and gives customers a clear and measurable return on their investment. MobileFrame software provides a solution that allows industry best-practices to be implemented by a wide variety of diverse business enterprises, helping them to reshape their mobile activities to become more efficient - and more profitable as a result.

MobileFrame Leadership


U.S. Patent # 7,565,381 (Smart Synchronization) — U.S. Patent # 7,577,911 (Code-free Mobile Computing) — U.S. Patent # 7,730,097 (Smart Database) — U.S. Patent # 8,751,926 (Intelligent Rendering on a Mobile Computing Device) — U.S. Patent # 9,049,174 (Maintaining Sessions in Smart Thin Client) — U.S. Patent # 9,053,444 (Smart Thin Client) — U.S. Patent # 9,954,827 (Invisible Two Factor Authentication) — U.S. Patent # 10,681,015 (Incremental Dynamic Data)