MobileFrame Webinars

The Rules of the Road are Changing... Mobile DVIR Apps are Key

See how MobileFrame’s DVIR will save you time and money while improving your company’s compliance, safety, and defect resolution process. And the best news of all is that you can easily customize the apps with no coding required as your needs change over time.

End of the Line for Paper Forms and Spreadsheets

See how easy it is to replace your tired paper forms with slick mobile apps. This webinar covers: how to to develop mobile apps in minutes using our code-free platform, how to connect your new apps to your existing backend systems, and how to give your teams the apps they need on the devices they love.

RIP Spreadsheets

For this webinar, Nick was joined by Pat to discuss some of the ‘myths vs reality’ of mobilizing your mobile workforce. If you’re in the process of building your business case for expanding.

Mobile Strategies for DSD Companies

We teamed up with subject matter expert, Jim Hilton of Zebra Technologies, for this look into the unique solutions available to Direct Store Delivery (DSD) companies. In this informative webinar, we’ll cover all you need to know about new technology enablers for DSD companies, especially those approaching a hardware/software upgrade cycle. We'll share the ways many DSD companies are dealing with their desire to move away from hard-coded, rigid apps to a more flexible model that allows for cross-platform support in a no-coding environment.

Five predictions for enterprise mobility for 2017

MobileFrame product expert Nick Hession-Kugelman hosted a webinar going over five evolving trends we pegged as going more mainstream in 2017. These predictions were driven by 2,500+ customer and prospect conversations throughout the year, as well as via key takeaways from analyst and industry influencer interactions.

Dept. of Child Support Services, Paternity Declaration Webinar

MobileFrame offers a variety of mobile apps as part of our Healthcare Suite. In this webinar, Dave Butler discusses a Paternity Declaration app that he created for the California Dept. of Child Support Services.

ArchibusTM Mobile Management Solution Webinar

An interview with Keith Simpson, an Archibus expert, discussing MobileFrame's Archibus Mobile Management Solution.

Mobile Technologies in Field Services Webinar

This webinar includes an interview with Dennis Norman, Vice President of Miller Pipeline, discussing their success with the MobileFrame platform.