Inventory Management Software

that improves the flow of inventory throughout your supply chain.

Our inventory management software handles your inventory, so you can focus on your business

Real-time inventory management across your organization

Inventory management is a crucial component of running a successful business. Just keeping enough inventory on hand, without costly overstocks or stockouts, can be the difference between running a profitable business and disaster.

MobileFrame's ready-to-run inventory management software tracks and manages the flow of inventory throughout your supply chain, helping your business maintain proper inventory levels, capitalize on sales opportunities, and eliminate out-of-stocks & back orders. All with minimal administrative effort.

Our inventory management software is designed to eliminate the hassles and headaches of managing your inventory while providing accurate data to help you make better decisions. Our solution is scalable to meet the needs of any organization and can accommodate an unlimited number of inventory items, locations, kits, thresholds, photos, etc.

Inventory Management Software Screenshot

Inventory Management Software - Multiple UI's available

Our inventory management software is built on the MobileFrame Platform

so it’s 100% customizable to suit the needs of your organization without time-consuming and expensive custom coding. Our code-free mobile application development platform enables businesses to easily create, deploy & administer additional mobile apps - allowing you to leverage your investment to automate other aspects of your business (such as time tracking, work orders, etc) at no additional cost. In fact, using MobileFrame's platform you can easily integrate to any other enterprise system (even our competitors!)

Fully integrate your inventory management software for even greater ROI

At MobileFrame, we believe in automating entire businesses to improve performance and maximize productivity. While our inventory management software works great on its own, it's also been designed to integrate seamlessly with our other solutions including our asset management and field service (work orders, repairs, preventative maintenance, etc.) software to maximize operational efficiency and provide even greater returns on investment.

Inventory management software features and benefits

Complete, real-time inventory management

Whether out in the field or in the office, your team will be able to easily track and manage all aspects of your inventory including parts, components, and assemblies. Track inventory by

  • Site
  • location
  • serial number
  • lot
  • date
  • pallet
  • bin & more

and access critical inventory data anytime, anywhere.

Real-time inventory management

Automatic reordering (thresholds), picklists & kits

  • Automatic reordering (thresholds) notifies you when inventory levels are low and help you make a replenishment order
  • Easily create barcoded picklists and have your team use a handheld device to remove picked items from inventory as they go
  • Improve efficiency by easily creating kits containing multiple items sold as one unit
Real-time inventory management

Inventory audits made easy

Doing inventory audits is painful but it doesn't have to be. Utilizing handhelds with barcode, RFID, and photo-capture capabilities, your team can conduct inventory audits in a fraction of the time.

Multiple locations & stock history

  • Setup multiple inventory locations & sub-locations so you know exactly where your inventory is
  • Seamlessly transfer inventory from one location to another
  • Stock history reports make it easy to determine how you arrived at current inventory levels at each location

Automatic notifications & alerts

Setup custom email or instant message notifications for any action in the system including inventory transfers, low inventory or reorder alerts, order arrivals, etc. to improve decisions making speed and accuracy.

Custom data collection & reports

Our inventory management software is 100% customizable - easily add new fields including photos, files, barcodes, labels, etc. and design reports specific to your needs. Our code-free tools allow users to create custom reports using any mix of data in record time.

Want to learn more about our inventory management software?

We've barely scratched the surface of what our ready-to-run inventory management software has to offer. Request a demo and one of our solution consultants will answer all your questions and give you a live demonstration so you can see it in action.

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