EHS Software Keeps Your Employees Safe

Keep your employees, facilities and the environment protected by using EHS Software to streamline & automate your EHS workflow, policies & procedures.

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Protect Against Workplace Hazards with EHS Software

Focus on what matters most… keeping employees safe, meeting OSHA & other regulatory reporting requirements, driving productivity, and minimizing risk.

Environmental Health & Safety AuditingHealth & Safety Auditing

Perform EHS audits supported with easy to configure checklists, regardless of how simple or complex. Bring transparency to your EHS programs with real-time reporting and tracking.

EHS Software for Incident ManagementIncident Management

Easily track, manage and analyze all incidents. Quickly gather all the details and document the "who, what, when, where and why" of any incident. Define both corrective and preventative actions. Learn more...

Management of Change (MOC)Management of Change (MOC)

Streamline MOC and ensure you can determine & control health and safety risks as a resolut of any facility, technology, equipment or procedural/policy changes in an organization.

Environmental Health & Safety InspectionsInspections

Ensure consistent and timely reporting of inspections anytime/anywhere by capturing the information you need at the source to ensure timely and transparent reporting.

Training & CommunicationTraining & Communication

Track & manage employee training and communications by conducting skills-assessments, surveys, etc. Embed training & online help in the apps where and when users need help.

Environmental Health and Safety ObservationsEHS Observations

Report and track hazardous conditions and behaviors in the workplace from anywhere using a mobile device. Work offline and sync whenever a connection is available.

EHS Software: Hazard Notifications & AlertsHazard Notifications & Alerts

Know what’s happening when it happens by easily and securely sending and receiving real-time alerts. Leverage a simple and modern user interface your employees love with one-tap messaging to multiple channels.

EHS Workflow ManagementEHS Workflow Management

Meet your unique business needs by streamlining your internal processes w/ fully customizable EHS workflow. Put the right workflow & investigative processes in place to record incidents and take action on systemic problems.

Location Monitoring and GeofencingLocation Monitoring / Geofencing

Keep employees safe by using location tracking associated with geofencing to warn employees when they enter specified geofenced sites which may be hazardous or restricted.

Get the Most Out of Your EHS Software

MobileFrame's “mobile-first” design helps Environmental Health & Safety professionals deliver a high-quality user experience that increases user adoption and easily integrates with your existing systems to provide real-time, trusted reporting and analytics.

Fast User AdoptionFast User Adoption

Boost user adoption by delivering user-friendly apps using mobile-first design. Provide users with real-time, in-app training and help to improve adoption rates

Better Use ExperienceBetter User Experience

Deliver an engaging user experience that prioritizes necessary functionality, efficiency and effectiveness that works even when offline

EHS Software IntegrationsFast & Easy Integrations

Easily integrate with backend systems, BI tools or hardware (e.g., sensors, etc.) using built-in connectors, REST APIs, SOAP-based services, etc.

Environmental Health and Safety AnalyticsAdvanced Analytics

Provide management the ability to retrieve and report on data in real-time, shifting focus from chasing data to predicting preventative actions using real-time analysis

Trusted DataTrusted Data

Take control and mandate the data capture you require for regulatory reporting & managing your business. Avoid the errors & delays of duplicate data entry

Improved Data SecurityImproved Data Security

Take advantage of military-grade security & encryption. Ensure you own your data and have full control over where it's stored and how it's accessed/used

Fully Customizable EHS SoftwareFully Customizable

Customize workflows & automate forms for even the most complex business processes/requirements. Make changes easily & push updates to the field instantly

Environmental Health & Safety ReportingReporting that Matters

Provide the dashboards you need to run your business. Access leading & lagging indicators (defined by the business in real-time) on your desktop or mobile device

EHS Sofware with practical functionalityPractical Functionality

Provide your users the most meaningful functionality by embedding your EHS subject matter expertise and implementing your unique processes

Automate your health and safety tasksTask Automation

Send email notifications, alerts, etc. to manage tasks. Set status for assessment, analysis and reviews

Supports multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, etc.Multi-lingual

Allow users to use the app in their native language to avoid miscommunications & improve performance

Built in training and helpIn-App Training & Help

Provide built-in training and in-app help to assist users in performing their tasks with minimal interruption

Additional Platform Capabilities

Our EHS Software is built on the MobileFrame Mobile App Development Platform, so you get a ton of additional benefits & capabilities. Some highlights include:

EHS Software that works offline and disconnectedWork Offline, no Interruptions

Keep working even when disconnected (without any data loss or reduced performance) then syncs automatically when a connection is available.

Flexible deployment optionsFlexible Deployment Options

Deploy apps that look just like your forms or totally redesign your processes. Deploy everything at once or gain buy-in with smaller targeted app deployments.

Apps for other processesApps for Anything

Easily build apps for any process using MobileFrame's drag-and-drop visual design tools or quickly deploy one of our pre-built solutions for other business processes.

Work Smarter with Fully-Customizable EHS Software

Deploy EHS apps that meet your requirements, customized specifically for the unique way you run your business. Some of our EHS Apps include:

  • Behavior-based Safety Observations
  • Management of Change
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Machine Guarding Assessment
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Lock/Out Tag/Out Audit

Integrate Easily...

Quickly & easily integrate your EHS Software with your other databases, backend systems and applications so you can do more with your data.

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RESTful & SOAP Services

Easily integrate with REST APIs, SOAP-based services, or your own private web services

Backend Systems

Integrate with any ERP, EHS, CRM, Risk Management or legacy backend systems

Major Databases

Integrate easily to major databases such as SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, DB2, etc.

Identity Management Systems

Supports third party identity management (Active Directory/LDAP, etc.)

File-based Integrations

Easily & automatically import/export flat files: Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

External Datasources

Interface with external datasources like Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.

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Mini Case Study:

Hydromax logo

The Challenge:

Every time 400+ technicians left for a job, they were required to complete a paper form with more than 200 fields used for tracking all safety equipment (from nuts & bolts to gas monitors). It was hard to complete and even harder to hold people accountable.

You can die really fast in a manhole if you don't know what you're doing and you don't have the proper safety equipment. - David Stiger, VP of Gas Solutions @ Hydromax USA

The Solution:

Hydromax USA used MobileFrame to build apps that streamline safety equipment tracking, incorporate business intelligence into the data collection, and mandate required fields that are most critical (such as confirming safety protocols). In addition to several other app functions, field personnel now take a picture that gets annotated with date/time & GPS coordinates showing that the gas monitor is in calibration.

We want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, where and when equipment is calibrated. We get really granular on the things that really matter... the things that keep people safe. - David Stiger, VP of Gas Solutions @ Hydromax USA

The Results:

These apps allow the Safety Director, who can't be on job sites all around the world to do field audits, to monitor in real-time that personnel are following protocol & that all required information is being captured. When a safety issue arises, managers no longer struggle to find the pertinent information and the people involved. Managers automatically receive a push-notification so they can address the situation promptly.

This is invaluable to our safety program. I can't even stress how much it does for us. - David Stiger, VP of Gas Solutions @ Hydromax USA

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