Incident Management Software Reduces Injuries & Improves Compliance

Reduce incident rates, improve compliance, predict dangers and minimize enterprise risk by reporting incidents & near-misses in real-time with easy-to-use incident management apps.

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Incident Management Software for All Incident Types

Build a strong safety culture & gain real-time insight into enterprise risk by streamlining your health & safety efforts, automating processes, and providing instant access to critical workplace safety information.

Asset and PropertyAssets & Property

When damage occurs, immediately capture relevant info and use it to evaluate causes & outcomes, track actions, and analyze trends to reduce future damage.

Injuries and IllnessesInjury / Illness

Gather, document and report on the "who, what, when, where & why" of any incident while tracking the details until completion of the incident management process.

Motor Vehicle IncidentsMotor Vehicles

Easily collect all the information required for a vehicle incident as defined by your specific requirements, with photos, annotations, witness reports, etc.

Incident Reporting includes near-missesNear-Misses

Improve worker safety & build your safety culture by capturing the details of any unplanned event that could result in injury or damage (but has not yet done so).

Track and report spills, releases and dischargesSpills & Releases

Achieve compliance and meet obligations/requirements by reporting, tracking & improving all aspects of spills, discharges or other damage to the environment.

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Incident Management Software

Report, track, and manage incidents to reduce incident rates related to injuries, accidents, spills, near-misses and unsafe conditions.

Better Compliance & Reporting

Make decisions based on trusted data when you need it. Be ready for any planned or surprise audits. Ensure timely regulatory reporting.

Reduced TCIR RateReduced TCIR Rate

Easily and accurately track the frequency of EHS injuries and illnesses over time through your Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR). Report and analyze your TCIR to help identify and implement corrective actions. Predict future incidents to stop them before they happen.

Lower DART rateLower DART Rate

Track and timely report your "Days Away, Restricted or Transferred" rate to determine how many workplace injuries/illnesses required employees to miss work, perform restricted work activities, or transfer to another job. Take corrective actions faster to care for employees & help them get back to work sooner.

Enhanced Management ReportingEnhanced Management Reporting

Ensures consistent, standardized & timely reporting of incidents to improve visibility and implement corrective actions quickly. Faster reporting helps identify and eliminate associated risks, reducing incident rates & reinforcing your company's overall safety culture.

Traceable & AuditableTraceable & Auditable

Eliminates disparate & paper-based systems to improve data traceability, auditability and reporting transparency. Easily capture and report on the data you need for compliance with all relevant requirements including OSHA & other regulatory agencies.

OSHA ComplianceOSHA Compliance & Reporting

Effortlessly record, track and generate OSHA-ready reports for work-related injuries & illnesses. Complete OSHA 300, 300A & 301 incident reporting forms then electronically submit them to OSHA to ensure timely reporting and minimize paperwork.

Enhance Your Safety Culture

Engage your employees by keeping safety simple, removing employee safety roadblocks, and automating safety tasks & activities.

A single platform for Incident Reporting & ManagementA Single Platform

Track & manage incidents, investigations and corrective actions all in one platform. Gather info and document the "who, what, when, where and why" of an incident in a single place.

Improve employee engagementEmployee Engagement

Make it easy for employees to report incidents, near-misses and unsafe conditions so employees proactively engage in your safety programs. Provide feedback and take corrective action to reduce incident rates and reinforce positive safety behavior.

Incident Management Software makes things simpleMake it Simple

There are many forms, some of which are very complex. Make it simple for employees and eliminate the confusion by automating what needs to be documented, by whom and when.

Be predictiveBe Predictive

Use incident data to identify risks and take preventative actions — identify and eliminate safety issues before they become costly incidents.

Trusted DataTrusted Data

Capture consistent and accurate data in one place that can be accessed & reported easily across your entire organization.

Promote Safety CulturePromote Your Safety Culture

Use the data & insights you gain from analyzing incidents to build them into your toolbox talks, training and other safety program elements.

Boost Productivity & Returns

Increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Eliminate the noise, confusion and frustration associated with paper forms and labor intensive processes.

Improved your bottom lineBottom Line Impact

Manage your exposure to liabilities, minimize losses and avoid penalties while lowering insurance premiums by improving your reporting & safety management processes.

Increase efficiencyImprove Process Efficiency

There are a lot of people and many steps involved when documenting an incident. Streamline the process and ensure consistent data capture across all incident types.

Minimize riskMinimize Operational Risk

Manage incidents and determine root causes to reduce workplace injuries, minimize disruptions to business, decrease lawsuits & better manage your reputation with better visibility into your incident rates.

Fully Customizable

No one knows your business like you do, that's why it's critical to have the flexibility to customize your apps to fit your unique business processes. Our Incident Management Software is built on the MobileFrame platform, so it's easy to customize & you can deploy additional apps (for any business process) anytime.

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Key Features & Functionality for Your Incident Management Apps

Give your employees the ability to record & report incidents anytime, anywhere — even when offline.

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Real-time Reporting

Easily capture and report injuries, spills, near-misses, and unsafe conditions. Quickly integrate into legacy reporting systems or leverage MobileFrame's reporting capabilities.

Alerts & Notifications

Define business rules to notify the right people at the right time regarding any incident. Provide stakeholders automatic alerts for the things they need to know.

Corrective Action Follow-up

Manage and track corrective actions to prevent recurrences in the future by gaining better insight & control of your overall incident patterns.

Action Items

Assign tasks and use automated workflow to ensure completion.

Analyze & Define Trends

Use trusted data to analyze incidents, trends, etc. Provide real-time incident rates (TCIR, DART) by department, location, contractor, etc.

Customizable Workflow

Automate your entire incident management workflow to meet your business's unique requirements.

Use Pictures

Take and add pictures to better demonstrate level of care or risk areas.

Capture Signatures

Build accountability into your processes by requiring signatures.

Annotate & Draw

Draw or write on any forms, pictures, etc. to provide additional documentation.

Online or Offline Access

Access the app when you need it, even without an internet connection.

Pre-Populate Data

Integrate with Active Directory & other backend systems to pre-populate names, addresses, etc.

The MobileFrame Advantage

Our incident management software is built on the MobileFrame Platform, a best-in-class no-code development platform backed by 20 years of automating companies' toughest business challenges.

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Custom ReportingActionable Reporting

Choose the info you want to track and manage your business with built-in alerts & assigned actions.

Cross Platform (Android, iOS, Windows & Web)Runs on Any Device

MobileFrame apps run on Android, iOS, Windows & the web.

Make changes anytimeUpdate & Release Anytime

Easily make your own changes, test then deploy them immediately... or use our professional services team.

Award Winning Customer SupportResponsive Customer Service

MobileFrame Support is here when you need us, whatever the question or help you require.

Flexible and scalableScalability

Add features, functionality, servers, users, etc. whenever you need them so you can grow over time.

Meet any business requirementAchieve Your Goals

There is always a way to meet your business requirements with MobileFrame's Platform.

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