Our JSA App Reduces Paperwork & Improves Safety

Streamline your Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process & ensure compliance. Make identifying potential workplace hazards and determining preventative measures easier using our JSA App.

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Stop Accidents Before They Happen with JSA Apps

Make your teams more productive by completing their JSA anywhere, anytime (even offline) on any device. Keep them safer by ensuring the right risk control measures are in place and followed.

Fully Customizable

Use out-of-the-box JSA functionality or customize the JSA app to suit your specific data requirements while automating your entire JSA process including alerts, notifications, and easy integration to backend systems.

Real-time data & Reporting

Capture data at the source, integrate to any system and provide real-time reporting accessible anytime, anywhere via our customizable web-portals so you always know what is happening onsite.

Multiple Languages

Avoid confusion and increase overall communication effectiveness by allowing your employees to complete the JSA in their native language, whether its Spanish, Vietnamese, etc. Easily translate almost any language.

Save Time, Money & Effort

Reduce data entry errors, save administrative time, reduce cycle time and minimize the time crews spend dealing with paperwork.

Improve OSHA Compliance

Ensure compliance with regulations relevant to your specific locations and industry, such as OSHA PSM standards or those that require Workplace Risk Assessment and Control (WRAC).

Work Offline Anytime, Anywhere

Capture and submit data while working with or without an internet connection whether you’re at the worksite, on the road, at home or in the office.

Why You Need a JSA App

Reinforce proper work procedures with a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) app. Use JSA's to eliminate and prevent hazards in your workplace. Reduce incident rates, workers' compensation costs and improve productivity.

Our JSA App enables you to:

Assess hazards associated with individual job tasks

Allocate control measures to mitigate risk

Assign tasks to ensure follow through on recommendations

Analyze the results of your response to risk over time

And train employees to do their jobs safely

Send your workers home safe, meet your Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) obligations and increase your crews productivity while minimizing the financial risk and time required to comply with safety regulations using the JSA app that meets your specific site and safety needs.

Key Features of Our JSA Apps

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Automated Workflow

Eliminate paper forms & digitize your JSA process based on your business rules

Automatic Alerts

Set rules for the right people to be notified of any issues, missed deadlines, etc.

Action Items

Assign corrective actions and use workflow to ensure they are completed

Online or Offline

Use the JSA app wherever you are regardless of internet connection

Real-time Reporting

Get the latest reports when you need them, whether for last minute OSHA inspections or management requests

Pre-populate Data

Integrate with Active Directory to pre-populate names, employee info, etc.

Add Pictures

Add pictures to better illustrate safety risks or areas of concern

Capture Signatures

Build accountability into the process by requiring signatures

Annotate & Draw

Draw or write on any forms, pictures, etc. to highlight key risk areas or concerns

Unlimited JSA's

Create and submit as many unique JSA's as you need regardless of number of sites or jobs

Easy Integration

Send your data to Sharepoint or any system or database to allow for easy reporting

Tag your location

Automatically tag your location

Integrate Easily

Quickly & easily integrate your JSA app with your other databases, backend systems and software so you can do more with your data.

RESTful & SOAP Services

Easily integrate with REST APIs, SOAP-based services, or your own private web services

Backend Systems

Integrate with any ERP, EHS, CRM, Risk Management or legacy backend systems

Major Databases

Integrate easily to major databases such as SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, DB2, etc.

Identity Management Systems

Supports third party identity management (Active Directory/LDAP, etc.)

File-based Integrations

Easily & automatically import/export flat files: Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

External Datasources

Interface with external datasources like Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.

Deploy Other Apps...

Our JSA Apps are built using the MobileFrame mobile app development platform, so they're easy to customize & you can deploy additional apps anytime. With the platform you can create your own apps or use some of our pre-built apps like:

  • COVID-19 Screening *
  • Crew Observation Report
  • Incident Reports
  • Driver Competency Evaluation
  • Workplace Exam
  • Training & Certifications
  • Skills Assessment
  • Pre-job Hazard Inspection
  • Driver Observations
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Risk Reduction Report
  • Fire Prevention

* Note: Federal, state and local requirements regarding COVID-19 change frequently. With apps built on MobileFrame's app development platform, you can make changes and updates within minutes - without delays for vendor's to make changes or app store approvals.

For more info about the MobileFrame Platform, contact us or check out:

Benefits of MobileFrame Platform Overview

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