Toolbox Talk Apps Keep People Safe & Reduce Paperwork

Automate your safety talks. Schedule talks from the office. Deliver content on demand. Track attendance with digital signatures. All from your app!

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Toolbox Talk Apps Ensure Timely & Consistent Communication

Know your crews are fully educated by pushing the information workers need to know to get their jobs done safely. Track in real time who’s been informed and who hasn’t.

Easily Customizable

Whether it’s your company toolbox talks or a service provider, upload and access your talks anytime, anywhere — push individual talks to the crews and locations that need them.

Track Attendance Digitally

Captures signatures and/or take photos to prove attendance, then store all the details electronically. Electronic proof of performance improves compliance and reduces liability.

Multiple Languages

Avoid confusion and increase overall communication effectiveness by allowing your employees to read & speak in their native language, whether its Spanish, Vietnamese, etc.

Save Time, Money & Effort

Reduce administrative time & minimize the time your team spends dealing with paperwork.

Toolbox Talks in One Place

Easy to upload from any service or database & easy to track who heard what and when.

Flexible Scheduling

Bulk schedule talks for specific projects or for overall company compliance. Control & schedule the talks from one central place.

Why You Need to Automate Your Toolbox Talks

Keep your crews on track by providing the structure required to keep communications flowing and get the job done safely, on time, & on budget. Load the toolbox talks you want discussed, ensuring all crews are talking about the same thing.

Reinforce key safety practices to keep your crews safe

Communicate about workplace hazards before beginning work

Capture & report concerns / ideas to management

Electronically record the topics covered & who attended

Proof of Training & Attendance

Easily manage and store attendance & toolbox talk records. Comply with all record retention requirements by storing electronic attendance records for the life of employment plus 3 years.

Meet OSHA Requirements

OSHA explicitly requires employers to train/inform employees in the safety & health aspects of their jobs. The toolbox talk app enables real-time reporting to accomodate any audit or request for attendance records and discussion topics

Validate Jobs Assigned Properly

Validate that the employee assigned a job has the proper certifications / qualifications to complete the job by integrating the toolbox talk app with your training certification tool or app. Reinforce the right messaging for the right job at the right time

Minimize Litigation & Reduce Workers Comp

Leverage irrefutable proof of attendance (time & geostamped records, employee signatures and/or photos of attendees) and real-time reporting to prove proper training provided, minimize litigation risks & reduce workers compensation claims.

Other Key Features

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Automated Workflow

Eliminate paper & sign-in sheets by using digital content — send toolbox talk content to crew, management, etc.

Alerts & Notifications

Set rules for the right people to be notified of any issues, missed deadlines, etc.

Task & Reminders

Assign any tasks coming out of a toolbox talk for team members and set reminders

Online or Offline

Use the Toolbox Talk app wherever you are regardless of internet connection

Real-time Reporting

Create the reports you want to see, whether it's attendance, topics, new concerns or risks that have been raised — compare crews, sites, etc.

Customize Your Talks

Define your toolbox talks the way you want and/or follow OSHA guidance (What we heard, is it really a risk? It really happens, Think about it & Learn more).

Capture Signatures

Capture signatures of all attendees to ensure compliance

Add Photos

Take pictures of attendees or share photos during talks


Automatically geo-tag the location of your toolbox talks

Unlimited Toolbox Talks

Create as many unique toolbox talks as you need, regardless of the number of crews and sites

Pre-populate Data

Integrate with Active Directory to pre-populate names of supervisors and support accurate workflow

Easy Integration

Send your data to any backend system or database for easy reporting & retention

Integrate Easily

Quickly & easily integrate with your other databases, backend systems and software so you can do more with your data.

RESTful & SOAP Services

Easily integrate with REST APIs, SOAP-based services, or your own private web services

Backend Systems

Integrate with any ERP, EHS, CRM, Risk Management or legacy backend systems

Major Databases

Integrate easily to major databases such as SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, DB2, etc.

Identity Management Systems

Supports third party identity management (Active Directory/LDAP, etc.)

File-based Integrations

Easily & automatically import/export flat files: Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, etc.

External Datasources

Interface with external datasources like Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.

Deploy Other Apps...

Our Toolbox Talk Solution is built using the MobileFrame mobile app development platform, so it's easy to customize & you can deploy additional apps anytime. With the platform you can create your own apps or use some of our pre-built apps like:

  • COVID-19 Screening *
  • Crew Observation Report
  • Incident Reports
  • Driver Competency Evaluation
  • Workplace Exam
  • Training & Certifications
  • Skills Assessment
  • Pre-job Hazard Inspection

* Note: Federal, state and local requirements regarding COVID-19 change frequently. With apps built on MobileFrame's app development platform, you can make changes and updates within minutes - without delays for vendor's to make changes or app store approvals.

For more info about the MobileFrame Platform, contact us or check out:

Benefits of MobileFrame Platform Overview

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