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COVID-19 Return to Work Apps for Self-Screening & Point-of-Entry Screening. Adhere to federal, state & local regulations and CDC guidelines. Track results with Management Dashboards. Avoid privacy concerns with full control over your data.

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A Back to Work App for Your Unique Business Needs

Our COVID-19 Back to Work App helps businesses return to work with confidence they can stay safe, mitigate spread, avoid fines, and make data-driven decisions that keep business operations running smoothly.

Our COVID-19 Back to Work App improves regulatory compliance to avoid costly fines, liabilities, and shutdownsImprove Regulatory Compliance

Comply with ever-changing back-to-work guidelines to avoid expensive fines, legal liability and costly shutdowns.

Return to Work App: Comply with federal, state & local regulations and OSHA & CDC guidelinesFollow the Right Guidance

State & local regulations vary widely. Apply differing guidelines based on work-type & work-site. Easily update screenings as regulations change. More below

Self-screening and point-of-entry screening simplify your Covid-19 back to work programSelf-Screening & Point-of-Entry

Utilize employee self-screening, point of entry screening, or both. Follow safety protocols with minimal impact to your business. More below

COVID-19 Back to Work App that gives you full control of your dataPrivate & Secure

Control your data to avoid privacy concerns, unauthorized usage & security breaches endemic to cloud-based solutions. More below

Easy to use and intuitive Covid-19 screening questionnaires reduce point of entry delaysFast & Easy Screening

Simple, user-friendly interface so screenings can be completed easily by all of your employees, avoiding delays at your point-of-entry.

Automatic alerts of failed Covid screenings and clearance to return to workAutomatic Alerts

If an employee shows symptoms or is cleared to return to work, the system automatically notifies supervisors & management who need to know.

Gain real-time insight into your back to work program including employee screening resultsManagement Dashboards

Get real-time insight. See screening results including incompletes, passes & fails, planned return dates, etc. before employees even arrive at work.

Quick entry pass helps you process employee's point of entry screenings more quicklyQuick Entry Pass

Displays employee ID badge & recent screening status right on their phone to show point-of-entry personnel for faster entry processing.

Back to Work App for Android, iOS, Windows & the webWorks on Any Device

The App is accessible from anywhere (natively via Android, iOS, & Windows app or on the web) for maximum user adoptions & compliance.

Stay safe, improve compliance & avoid fines with our COVID-19 Back to Work App

Easily Customizable

Back to work guidelines and regulations change frequently plus federal, state & local requirements vary widely based on job-type and work location. Our Back to Work software makes handling these variations simple:

Job-based and site-based COVID-19 screening questionnairesSmart site-based and job-based screening

Guidelines vary by work-type & location, our apps ensure employees always have appropriate screenings.

Customize your COVID-19 Back to Work App easily to keep up with changing OSHA & CDC guidelinesEasily modify screenings as guidance changes

As guidelines and regulations change over time, our software lets you easily modify existing screenings & create new ones.

Control what data is collected and stored by our Return to Work AppControl your own data

Choose what data is collected/stored to be consistent with your data policies and avoid potential privacy issues.

Customize the look and feel of your Return to Work AppPersonalize the look and feel

Modify the apps & web portals to use your own logos, colors, images, web address, etc.

Self-Screening & Point of Entry

Our COVID-19 Back to Work App lets you utilize employee self-screenings, point-of-entry screenings, or both (fully-integrated) to maximize your safety & compliance.


  • Save time, reduce spread: have employees screen themselves before they even leave for work - so if they fail, they know to stay home (avoiding spread at the point-of-entry)
  • Improve validity: automatically ensures that self-screenings are completed shortly before a shift (to avoid outdated, invalid information & false passes)
  • Quick Entry Pass: employees can pull up their entry pass with their name, photo, QR code & recent self-screening results right on their phone to show entry-monitoring staff
  • User friendly: easy to complete questionnaires that are accessible from anywhere (app or web portal) ensure greater user adoption and fewer user errors
  • Multi-language support: employees can take screenings in the language they are most comfortable with, improving ease of use & ensuring greater response accuracy
  • Additional assurances: all responses are automatically date-time stamped. You can also choose to collect electronic signatures and/or location-stamps for each screening as well.

Point of Entry Screenings

  • Quick employee lookup: via scanning employee's ID badges (or quick entry passes), entering their employee #'s, looking them up by name, etc. Includes employee photo for improved security.
  • Enhanced compliance: the app enhances and documents regulatory compliance, reducing your legal liabilities & avoiding potential fines.
  • Varying Regulations: easily comply with ever-changing federal, state & local regulations and CDC & OSHA guidelines.
  • Integrated & Automated: can reference self-screening results and prompt the user if self-screening hasn't been completed, then display those results at point-of-entry
  • Automatic Alerts: supervisors are automatically notified of failed screenings & employees who are returning to work so they can make appropriate arrangements.
  • Temperature Options: choose whether to collect & store only the pass/fail status of temperature checks (avoid HIPAA issues), the actual temperature reading, or not use temperature at all.
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Privacy & Security

Control your own data. Collect & store only the info you choose. Avoid unauthorized usage of your data - from targeted advertising to the direct resale of your private data, cloud-based solutions often gain income from such secondary usage of customers' data without their knowledge or consent.

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The only COVID-19 Back to Work App that keeps your data private & secureKeep Your Data Private

You keep full control of your own data and it's stored on your own servers (or private cloud), so you don't need to worry about privacy concerns, unauthorized usage & security breaches associated with cloud-solutions.

Our Back to Work App has enterprise-class security & end-to-end encryption built-inEnterprise-class Security

Including full FIPS (140-2 or better) encryption from end-to-end, Active-Directory/LDAP support, invisible two-factor authentication, forced logoff, remote wipe of client-side databases, and other MDM capabilities.

Better Management Tools

Our Back to Work app reduces safety incidents, improves compliance, and boosts overall operational efficiency. Management dashboards & powerful web portals provide real-time insights for better decision making while automatic alerts help managers respond more quickly.

Management Dashboards included in our Return to Work appManagement Dashboards

See real-time screening results including incompletes, passes/fails, and planned return dates or use aggregated data & charts for better operational insight. View specific departments/teams for quick decision making.

Get customized automatic alerts for failed COVID screenings & upcoming return to work clearancesAutomatic Alerts

The system automatically notifies management & supervisors if an employee fails to complete a self-screening, is showing symptoms, or is about to return to work so they can plan appropriately.

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