MobileFrame ERP Platform

Flexible code-free platform makes ERP easy.

Digitize & mobilize your back-office and legacy processes onto any device.

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Empower Your Organization with MobileFrame ERP

Our complete ERP solution allows you to better manage your business processes and extend backend systems into the field.

  • Deploy complete ERP solutions fast
  • Enhance client engagement
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve business results

Optimize Your Business Processes

MobileFrame ERP is the only fully customizable, code-free ERP platform.

  • Significantly reduce implementation timeframe and cost
  • Digitize your business processes as a competitive advantage
  • Integrate to any backend system quickly and easily
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Platform Agnostic

Implement your unique business processes to any device.

  • Build your own native apps for any iOS, Android or Windows-based device
  • Choose from our library of ready-to-run solutions
  • Enable customers, partners & employees to work better together
  • Deploy a single app across all platforms (native and web-based)
Mobile app development platform for multi-channel apps

Cross-platform mobile apps and web portals

Hassle-free Integration

MobileFrame ERP easily integrates to any backend system.

  • Customizable no-code solution
  • Save time & money
  • Implement business process that fit your business your way
  • Say goodbye to costly upgrades
  • Integrate easily into ANY backend system, including:, Oracle, JD Edwards, QuickBooks, etc
Simplified integrations with our Integration Wizard

Your Mobile-First ERP Solution

With over 18 years in the mobility industry, the MobileFrame platform is designed to digitize and mobilize any and all of your ERP related process. Our ERP platform is comprehensive yet flexible and includes:

  • Business Process Management
  • Military-grade Security
  • Cross Platform Deployment
  • GPS Tracking
  • Localization & Globalization
  • Automatic Updates & Version Control
  • And much, much more
The only mobile ERP platform with a mobile-first approach

Mobility isn't an after-thought, it's our specialty.

Always available, even without network connectivity

Business shouldn't grind to a halt when a mobile worker loses reception.

  • Truly native, disconnected client database
  • Works even when offline
  • Automatically syncs when connectivity restored
Disconnected client database ensures availability even without network connectivity

No service... no problem.

Top 9 Mobile ERP Platform Features

1 Mobile Device Management

The MobileFrame ERP platform includes mobile device management (MDM) features that provide admins control over all field devices.

  • Easily reset the client database
  • Remotely log off a user
  • Remotely monitor devices including battery life, location, etc.
  • Set rule-based actions, geo-fencing boundaries, etc.
  • Support both BYOD and enterprise-owned mobility programs
  • Integrate with any enterprise mobility management solution (e.g., AirWatch, Citrix XenMobile, etc.)
Mobile device management (MDM)

2 Enterprise-class Data & Synchronization

Support any volume of records per device, from thousands of records to millions of records.

  • Work with or without network connectivity
  • Fully encrypted & secure client database
  • Robust database options
  • Automatic schema mirroring between server & client DB’s
  • Automatic background synchronization
  • Sophisticated data management & distribution features

3 End-to-End Military Grade Security & Encryption

When you are putting valuable data on a mobile device in the field, you need to ensure it's protected.

  • Full FIPS (140-2 or better) compliant encryption of all files on the device, including the database. All client-server communications are encrypted.
  • Invisible two-factor authentication (patent pending), optional secondary authorization for registration to your servers, and SSL support to double-encrypt client-server communications.
  • User authentication via encrypted password or via Active Directory/LDAP, automatic logoff of inactive users, remote DB wipe and device lockout, & much more.

4 Pixel Perfect Designs

Build mobile apps that fit your needs.

  • Code-free GUI-based design
  • Create consistent or unique user experiences for every platform
  • Maintain consistent business logic
  • Build pixel perfect graphically-rich UI
  • Implement rich-data functionality (ex: photo/voice/signature capture, barcode scans, etc) with a single click
  • Support multiple languages (ex: English, French, Spanish, etc)
Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) Screen Designer

5 Make Complex Workflow Simple

Using an intuitive visual approach bo building complex app workflows, MobileFrame’s mobile ERP platform keeps your life simple.

  • Code-free and descriptive workflow
  • Build & depict sophisticated conditionals and branching
  • See exactly what is happening and when
  • Complete control of the business logic
Visual approach to complex workflow creation

Visual Workflow Creation

6 Easy to Test

Simulate a live deployment with MobileFrame’s testing suite with integrated diagnostics and debugging.

  • Easily simulate any device
  • Test layouts and design features & examine both client and server-side logic, data-flow, and synchronization
  • Step through app logic to ensure everything is working
  • Observe in-app changes as logic occurs
  • Quickly identifying bottlenecks and other performance issues
  • Deploy live apps and data to actual devices for real-world testing
Built-in test environment for simulation and debugging

iPad Mini Simulated in Test Environment

7 Database Development & Management

Implement the best database schema to store your data and stage integrations.

  • Easily manage your MobileFrame database
  • No need to write queries
  • Say goodbye to the mysteries of complex relational database management systems
  • Work with any enterprise database including SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.
Database development and management

8 Easy Deployments

Leverage the MobileFrame comprehensive and easy to use built-in project & deployment administration.

  • Control which apps a user can access
  • Control the data each user receives
  • Deploy the right data to the right person at the right time
  • Streamline project management by utilizing sophisticated scheduling, dynamic user assignment, GPS tracking, and more
Project and deployment administration

Project Management Screen - Main Menu

9 Fully Integrated Lifecycle Support

Provide complete lifecycle capabilities allowing users to design, develop, integrate, deploy and manage cross-platform apps with a single solution.

  • Rapid app development tools
  • Graphical screen designer
  • Integration Wizard
  • Simulate live deployment w/ built-in test environment
Software development lifecycle (SDLC) support

The MobileFrame Advantage

Eliminate Business Silos

  • Adopt a single system bringing together employees, partners, & customers
  • Reduce redundancies and associated expense
  • Increase productivity
  • Make better decisions utilizing real-time data
  • Empower users - work and access secure information anytime, anywhere
  • Improve information integrity & availability while promoting collaboration
  • Respond & adapt faster to the changing competitive environment
  • Minimize maintenance costs and simplify training
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Empower Employees

  • Enhance client engagement by providing easy, real-time access to the information customers demand
  • Increase productivity by giving employees the tools they need, on the devices they love
  • Drive business results by providing intuitive, intelligent and engaging user experiences across all departments
Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) Screen Designer

Provide Client-Centric Service

  • Provide immediate responses and self-service access to information
  • Deliver outstanding performance consistently across all client interaction points
  • Build engaging apps to meet the needs of your business
  • Ensure consistency across departments
  • Provide the experiences your customers demand
Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) Screen Designer

Maximize Your Systems

  • Support every device on every platform using a single solution
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing backend systems
  • Support high frequency sync operations with millions of records
  • Accommodate network failures without data loss
  • Use military-grade security and encryption to keep data safe
  • Take advantage of flexible/scalable server architecture to accommodate growth and handle complex load balancing, disaster recovery, etc.
Mobile App Development Platform for IT Admins

Maximize Your Resources

  • Increase staff performance & customer satisfaction
  • Avoid the expense and hassle of custom coding and maintaining complex-code bases
  • Access real-time data for better operational insight
  • Support both BYOD and enterprise-owned mobility programs
  • Future-proof your mobility strategy & automate multiple business operations with a single platform for maximum ROI
Mobile App Development Platform for CIOs