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Our field service software helps you deliver quality service & exceed customer expectations

Field service software that delivers instant benefits

Your field service personnel are faced with increasingly complex tasks and customers with high service level expectations. Customers want instant & accurate service responses, immediate access to all relevant job info, and high levels of performance from their servicers.

To deliver the performance your customers demand, your field service techs must be armed with the right tools & information to turn every customer interaction into a satisfying experience.

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Field service software for your entire organization

Optimize your entire field service chain - from dispatch and work order prioritizing to parts used & labor costs.

MobileFrame delivers information to your field technicians when they need it most, on-site with the customer. Automating their service calls allows your techs to focus on customer satisfaction (rather than paperwork) and avoid disrupting dispatchers with unnecessary calls.

Schedule & dispatch more effectively

Our field service software allows dispatchers to create, assign & update work orders based on any business rules your company requires and deploy them directly to technicians' mobile devices instantly. Dispatchers can utilize our GPS tracking functionality to find the nearest technician for any service call and assign work orders based on technician skill sets, inventory on-hand, status, history, etc. maximizing efficiency and improving service levels.

Integrates seamlessly for maximum ROI

Our field service software is designed to easily integrate to your existing backend systems (ERP, WMS, CRM, etc) so you get the most out of your investments.

While this software works great on its own, it's also designed to integrate seamlessly with our other solutions such asset management, inventory tracking, timekeeping & more.

Key benefits of our field service software

Increase customer satisfaction

Our integrated Customer Web Portal allows customers to track & enter service requests online rather than calling your office, freeing up your staff and increasing their productivity. Customers can:

  • Enter work order requests, view the status of pending work orders, & review past work orders including what was done and who signed for it
  • Review the service history of each piece of equipment & request service on a specific piece of equipment
  • Receive automatic emails & alerts of the latest service request info, invoices, and upcoming maintenance (driving additional revenue for your organization)
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Enhance dispatch efficiency

Dispatchers can create, assign & update work orders based on the territory, proximity, skill set, parts on-hand, etc. GPS tracking of technicians allows dispatchers to view their location in real-time (along with customers, warehouses, etc.) to dispatch the nearest tech.

Once a work order is assigned, it automatically syncs to the technician's device, along with all the data the tech needs to perform their service. Technicians can review customer account information and equipment histories so they'll be well informed when they arrive.

Real-time inventory management

Empower your technicians

Let them spend more time serving customers by eliminating paperwork, phone calls, and wasted trips to the back office.

  • Automated work orders track travel & service time, equipment details & history, parts & labor, inventory levels, corrective actions, etc.
  • Document preventative maintenance & corrective actions including photos, notes, and signatures relating to the problems encountered
  • Electronic timecards to track regular, premium, and overtime
  • Techs (and dispatchers) can easily track parts on-hand, review inventory levels of nearby vehicles, and document purchases made in the field
  • Service reports, invoices, receipts, timecards, etc. are automatically generated so techs can focus on providing services rather than paperwork
Real-time inventory management

Improve management insight

Our fully-integrated management portal allows your management team to access critical information anytime, anywhere, so they can address issues before they become problems.

  • Track customer accounts & automatically invoice
  • View staff location, status and capacity in real-time
  • Seamlessly integrate to your ERP/CRM/WMS systems
  • Generate reports based on real-time data
Real-time inventory management

More features of our field service software.

Instant invoicing & improved record keeping

Our field service software tracks every detail of the services performed including parts, labor, travel time, mileage, rental equipment, PM results, warranties, etc. and captures GPS locations, time-stamps, electronic signatures, and photographs to improve your records.

When service is complete, the software automatically generates invoices, service & PM reports, receipts, timecards, etc. increasing staff efficiency and reducing the time it takes to receive payment.

Real-time inventory management

Improve preventative maintenance

With our field service software, businesses can easily define the necessary preventative maintenance steps required for each piece of equipment. When a technician performs PM, the system provides visual cues and color-coding to guide them through the process, ensuring thorough completion before a work order is finalized.

If any issues are found during the preventative maintenance, the tech can select an appropriate resolution or generate a new work order for that issue on the spot. PM is tracked and stored for each piece of equipment, so you'll have accurate service records.

Real-time inventory management

Track technician inventory

Assign work orders based on the parts required and the technicians who have them on-hand. As a technician uses parts, the inventory is decremented and the charge is added to the customer's invoice automatically.

This helps avoid return trips for lack of parts and ensures that customers are accurately charged for all parts used.

Detailed Equipment History

Provide detailed and accurate equipment history including:

  • Maintenance records
  • Prior breakdowns & repairs
  • Parts & labor used
  • Any notes relating to the equipment
  • and more...

Better labor & timekeeping

Our field service software tracks both labor and travel time, automatically generating timecards for each technician. As services are performed, the type of labor and amount of time are added to the customer's invoice to ensure accurate billing.

You can also track technician mileage to ensure technicians are being dispatched optimally, minimize fleet costs, and automatically bill customers (if desired).

Track rental equipment

If your service organization deals with rental equipment, it is important to track what was used and for how long - then ensure that customers are billed accordingly. Our field service software tracks all rental equipment use and automatically adds the necessary line items and charges to the invoice.

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