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MobileFrame invited to present at California Council of Testing
and Inspection Agencies (CCTIA) 2004 Annual Convention

MobileFrame's Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM software to be featured at the CCTIA Annual Convention on February 7th at the Bally Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

SAN JOSE, CA-January 22, 2004--MobileFrame, LLC (, the leading provider of Configurable Mobile Applications has been invited to present at the California Council of Testing and Inspection Agencies (CCTIA) 2004 Annual Convention. CCTIA is a non-profit public benefit corporation dedicated to fostering, promoting, and encouraging through education, the practice and profession of materials testing and inspection services. MobileFrame's unique software platform allows users with no IT background to develop and deploy sophisticated mobile applications, enabling the automation of testing and inspection data collection. MobileFrame will provide a presentation of the key benefits of automating field data collection, including a product demonstration illustrating the ease of use of this innovative software platform.

MobileFrame's software allows changes to be made on-the-fly, so new workflow to mobile workers can be changed and rolled out in minutes. CCTIA field inspectors and engineers can automate current field-based inspection processes, eliminating the need for manual data entry in their offices. Mobile workers can connect to backend enterprise systems in real-time and capture rich data types such as documents, photos, sound, bar code scans, etc., while in the field. MobileFrame's Smart ArchitectureTM integrates a user friendly point and click desktop with autonomous client device rendering and intelligent network synchronization so novice computer users can quickly and easily create and deploy sophisticated mobile applications.

"We are always looking to adopt innovative technology that can enhance our member's productivity," says Al McManus, President of the NorCal Chapter of the CCTIA. "The CCTIA's commitment to best practices dates back to 1970. The ease of use of MobileFrame's software makes it a compelling option for our members."

"MobileFrame is very pleased to be invited to present at the CCTIA 2004 Annual Convention," states Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame's CEO. "Our revolutionary configurable mobile application provides an intuitive easy to use point and click desktop where users with little or no training can create and deploy mobile applications of any degree of complexity. Novice computer users can store their mobile apps in a personal library and then make changes on-the-fly, without programming or expensive IT engagements. Field inspectors can literally go mobile instantly with our software."

About MobileFrame LLC
MobileFrame has established a new category of user driven smart mobile computing, with integrated intelligent networking and synchronization. The company's pioneering software significantly streamlines the process of developing, deploying and administering mobile enterprise applications. MobileFrame is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, customers may contact MobileFrame directly at 1-408-885-1200 or visit our Web site at

About California Council of Testing and Inspection Agencies
The California Council of Testing and Inspection Agencies' (CCTIA's) roots go back to approximately 1970 when several San Francisco Bay Area testing and inspection firms (materials engineering laboratories) formed the Association of Northern California Testing and Inspection Agencies (ANCTIA). The purpose was to unite their efforts in an attempt to achieve more uniform guidelines for, and enforcement of, what was then Section 305 of the Uniform Building Code (UBC) dealing with "Special Inspection". The Council influences code development, training programs, and minimum inspector and agency qualification standards through its member firms' representation in many other organizations.


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