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Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry Selects MobileFrame Software To Automate Their Inventory Management and Tracking Operations

Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry Has Selected MobileFrame's Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Software As Its Standard Mobility Platform

San Jose, Calif. -- July 16, 2007 - MobileFrame, LLC (, the leading provider of Configurable Mobile ApplicationsTM, announces that the Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry has selected MobileFrame's software platform to automate Plain N' Fancy's daily inventory management and tracking operations. Plain N' Fancy Cabinets uses some 8,500 parts in its manufacturing process that must be tracked to ensure timely completion of its products. Hundreds of individual parts go from sanding, into stain, enamel, then to top coat and touchup until all of the required parts reach final assembly. Manually tracking this inventory through all the different manufacturing operations is a time consuming and error prone process that can take up to 4 hours each morning and continues throughout the day as more parts are subject to rework as the day progresses. Prior to installing MobileFrame software, an average of 200 parts were missing per day.

The MobileFrame solution implements electronic tracking of all parts used in the company's manufacturing process. Supervisors can review exactly where a particular item is in the manufacturing process, select that item on a handheld device and enter information to update the status of the item. As an example, if a front to a cabinet somehow fell off the production line and was taken back to sanding to be re-sanded, MobileFrame's software allows the sanding supervisor to click on that item, after clicking the item a screen displays a number of different options for that part. The supervisor can then enter any relevant processing information. This change is automatically updated on all of the other supervisors PDA's, alerting them that this part will be coming through their department soon and that its delivery status is "late". When that item reaches their department they can update its location and status, until it reaches final assembly. This process allows complete end-to-end management and tracking of all material items.

MobileFrame's solution allowed Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry to automate all of their inventory management and tracking operations on a single mobility platform without having to write a single line of code. With integrated intelligent networking, prioritized synchronization, remote device configuration and management, and remote software updates all built-in to one software platform, MobileFrame significantly streamlines mobile application development, deployment, and administration. Data collected in the field is stored on a handheld device and automatically synchronized to the central office when wireless or wired access becomes available.

"Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry is a typical manufacturing operation that is faced with mounting costs," said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame's CEO and President. "The ability to automate their inventory management and tracking operations, providing real-time visibility of all materials and parts used throughout the manufacturing process and has provided both substantial savings and improved overall customer service. MobileFrame�s flexible software can quickly streamline complex manufacturing operations. Our solution will provide significant cost savings to Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry for years to come."

About MobileFrame LLC
MobileFrame has established a new category of user driven smart mobile computing, with integrated intelligent networking and synchronization. The company's pioneering software significantly streamlines the process of developing, deploying and administering mobile enterprise applications. MobileFrame is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, customers may contact MobileFrame directly at 1-408-885-1200 or visit our Web site at

About Plain N' Fancy Custom Cabinetry
Over 35 years ago, Plain & Fancy founder John Achey's hobby was making cabinets... handcrafted, hand rubbed, extraordinarily handsome cabinets. The kind he'd be proud to have in his own home. In 1968, his "hobby" turned into the pursuit of a dream when John, his wife, Loretta, and just four "employees" � their kids � began building cabinetry in their Richland, Pennsylvania garage. One of America�s most sought after custom cabinetry brands was born. It was named, quite simply, for the cabinets they made... plain ones and fancy ones. In the summer of 2004, Plain & Fancy officially began crafting cabinet doors at its brand new, state-of-the-art door & millwork manufacturing facility located in Schafferstown, PA. For more information, customers may visit our Web site at


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