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MobileFrame announces the release of Configurable Mobile Application Product Suites, version 3.0

MobileFrame advances its new category of user driven smart mobile computing
that eliminates expensive custom mobile application development.

San Jose, Calif. -- (PRWeb) - July 15, 2004 - ( MobileFrame, LLC today announced the release of their Configurable Mobile ApplicationTM Product Suite, version 3.0. MobileFrame continues to advance a new paradigm in mobile computing, empowering mobile enterprises to focus on core business instead of lengthy and expensive programming projects.

The innovative Smart ArchitectureTM in MobileFrame's Product SuiteTM handles all software programming complexities in the background and permits business users with no IT training to create and deploy complex mobile applications by means of a point and click desktop. This completely eliminates the complexity and expense typically associated with deploying mobile applications. Release 3.0 features include:

  • Infinitely extensible workflow
  • Advanced workflow functions:
    • Auto-population of steps (based on values in any other Steps or Enterprise Data)
    • Advanced Calculations
    • Tree-view Enterprise Data Selector supporting regular, dynamic and custom lists
    • Advanced branching (Jump-to-any step, case statements and dynamically initiated workflow)
  • New client for TabletPC/Windows
  • Full Windows XP/Office XP look and feel
  • Customizable shortcut bar for integration with the user's applications and desktop
  • Client agnostic--operates on Pocket PC, Tablet PC, and Laptop clients so users can switch devices easily
  • Full Featured WYSIWYG Screen Designer
  • LDAP/Active Directory integration for managing MobileFrame Users
  • Simplified, Web Services based licensing

MobileFrame offers three product suites with varying degrees of capability so businesses may select the most cost effective solution for their mobile enterprise:

MobileFrame Standard SuiteTM contains all of the functionality required to create and deploy sophisticated workflow for your mobile workforce including conditional branching, basic math calculations, peripheral device support [Cameras, Bar Code Scanners, Voice Notes, Digital Signatures] and supports MS SQL Server databases.

MobileFrame Business SuiteTM includes all Standard Suite functionality plus advanced workflow, support for additional peripheral devices, advanced calculator functions, basic messaging/alerts and supports MS SQL Server, Sybase and Oracle databases.

MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM includes all Business Suite functionality plus advanced messaging/alerts, DB2 database support and Java/Unix application server integration.

"We have raised the bar to unprecedented levels of ease of use and deployment in mobile enterprise computing," said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame's CEO and President. "Release 3.0 provides more advanced features for our Fortune 500 customers, and substantially widens the gap over competitive offerings. MobileFrame has established Rapid Deployment rather than Rapid Development, as the new benchmark in mobile computing. This is a totally new concept our customers have been quick to endorse."

MobileFrame Product SuiteTM v3.0 is shipping now, according to Oswalt.

About MobileFrame LLC
MobileFrame has established a new category of user driven smart mobile computing, with integrated intelligent networking and synchronization. The company's pioneering software significantly streamlines the process of developing, deploying and administering mobile enterprise applications. MobileFrame is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, customers may contact MobileFrame directly at 1-408-885-1200 or visit our Web site at


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