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City of San Jose selects MobileFrame's Business SuiteTM

MobileFrame software delivers significant benefits that improve efficiency and cut costs.

San Jose, Calif. -- (Business Wire) - September 12, 2004 - MobileFrame, LLC ( the leading provider of Configurable Mobile ApplicationsTM, announced that The City of San Jose Department of Transportation has selected MobileFrame's Business SuiteTM software to dramatically enhance Department productivity by completely automating the data collected by its field inspection staff. MobileFrame's unique mobile software platform allows business users with no IT background to create and deploy sophisticated mobile applications, enabling data collection and managed workflow to be seamlessly integrated from the field to backend systems. Previously, City sidewalk inspections for construction and/or repair required inspectors to use paper forms and digital cameras to capture field data, which was then manually keyed into a Microsoft Access Database.

MobileFrame approached the City and offered its innovative Business Suite software as part of the Mayor's initiative to forge new business-community relationships with City government. The IT Department selected the Department of Transportation's Sidewalk Section for this pilot, based on the Department's history of innovation and a strongly motivated workforce. In addition to unparalleled ease of use, MobileFrame's technology consists of some very compelling features, including connection to backend enterprise systems in real-time and capture of rich data types such as documents, photos, sound, bar code scans, etc., while in the field. MobileFrame's smart architecture integrates intelligent networking with a thick client so inspectors always have complete workflow available whether or not network connectivity is continuously available.

The MobileFrame pilot project demonstrated many tangible benefits of automating the Sidewalk Inspection process:

  1. Inspectors spend more time in the field collecting accurate data and little or no time in the office entering data.
  2. Reduced clerical costs.
  3. Cost reduction by stopping repetitive manual data collection and data entry (first onto paper, then into computer) by either clerical staff or inspectors.
  4. Photographs will now be linked to the database records automatically, instead of requiring someone to physically rename and correlate them to an address or record.
  5. Automation of work scheduling and assignment.
  6. Mobile applications require minimal administration and support.
  7. Ease of deployment for additional business units.
  8. Ease of deployment for additional users within business units.
  9. Ability to leverage mobile application development and deployment from one business unit to the next business unit.
  10. Reduction of errors and time spent fixing them.

One of the key benefits of MobileFrame's software is the ability to create entirely new mobile applications for deployment to different departments' on-the-fly using point and click features, without the need for custom coding or programming. Based on the benefits demonstrated in the Sidewalk Inspection Section, the City of San Jose purchased MobileFrame's software and is now deploying it in the Pavement, Trees, and Streetlights Inspection Sections, as well as the Environmental Services Department.

"The use of cutting edge technology is an effective way to improve our department's productivity," says Assistant City Manager Mark Linder. "The City always tries to engage technically innovative solutions to help us achieve better efficiency." Ron Gonzales, City of San Jose Mayor echo's that sentiment, "We are always pleased when business and government can work together successfully to provide better services to our residents. MobileFrame's participation in our 'Doing Business in San Jose' Initiative is an excellent example of the results that can be achieved through automation of government processes in collaboration with innovative business solutions."

"MobileFrame is pleased to be selected by the City of San Jose," said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame's CEO and President. "Our software provides the City a robust mobility platform that can be used across many departments, enabling automation of any mobile applications."

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