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MobileFrame Announces The First Truly Configurable Mobile
Enterprise Application with a Smart Architecture

MobileFrame establishes a new category of user driven smart mobile computing that eliminates
expensive custom mobile application development.

San Jose, Calif. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) - August 25, 2003 - ( MobileFrame, LLC today defined a new class of mobile computing with the announcement of MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM; the first truly configurable mobile enterprise application with an architecture based on end-to-end smart business rules and intelligent client networking all rolled into one product. MobileFrame's software is a highly scalable enterprise class platform designed to enable customers to dynamically create and manage their own business process workflow through a simple graphical user interface. The MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM is a browser based application that requires no programming. It enables an end-user to rapidly configure and deploy all components of this configurable application to its mobile workforce, and deploy changes on-the-fly to its people on the move.

The innovative component-based architecture of the MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM eliminates the complexity and expense of building a series of inflexible single point applications. MobileFrame provides out of the box task libraries designed specially for particular industry segments allowing a company to select and configure complex workflows, including enforced business logic, and deploy an enterprise application self-tailored to its specific business. MobileFrame's flexible architecture allows customers to easily integrate the MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM with its other enterprise applications and backend systems which will ensure that its mobile workforce will have the right data at the right time to be fully effective while in the field.

MobileFrame is developing different editions of the MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM for specific industries, including editions for the energy, utilities, distribution, transportation, construction and business services.

The MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM supports open standards such as XML, Web Services, Microsoft .NET, J2EE, TCP/IP and SSL, allowing customers to leverage existing and planned enterprise software, content and network assets. The smart architecture comprises four major components:

  • MobileFrame Desktop: A browser-based application used to define and manage mobile business processes, workflow, data access, and reporting.
  • MobileFrame Client: A Windows .NET client running on a PDA or Tablet PC and operating in either online or offline mode according to business rules, workflow and data requirements, and network availability.
  • MobileFrame Monitor: A J2EE-compliant server application that dynamically manages the flow of transactions and messages to and from mobile workers and remote machines.
  • MobileFrame Database: A Microsoft SQL or Oracle database system with models optimized for mobile and remote access across selected industries and applications.

"We have developed an entirely new category of mobile enterprise application solutions," said Lonny Oswalt, MobileFrame's CEO and President. "Our customers want to be able to make changes and enhancements to their mobile enterprise applications quickly and easily, saving them valuable time and significant outside consulting and implementation fees."

The MobileFrame Enterprise SuiteTM is set for release to several beta sites in September, according to Oswalt.

About MobileFrame LLC
MobileFrame has established a new category of user driven smart mobile computing, with integrated intelligent networking and synchronization. The company's pioneering software significantly streamlines the process of developing, deploying and administering mobile enterprise applications. MobileFrame is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. For more information, customers may contact MobileFrame directly at 1-408-885-1200 or visit our Web site at


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