Integrating Chatbots with Your Mobile Experience for Customers, Employees & Partners

The MobileFrame Chatbot helps increase user satisfaction, while reducing customer service/support, staffing, utilization & inventory management costs

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Put Your Information to Work

The MobileFrame Chatbot technology easily integrates your applications with your existing data sources, such as CRM, ERP and SFA systems, as well as custom built and legacy systems to access the proper data points to construct responses. The result is a conversational interface that supports queries of all types.

To drive even stronger engagement over time, our integrated artificial intelligence (AI) analytics engine is used to track key metrics and learn from user interactions, reducing partial answers or unresponsive states.

How Customers are Using the MobileFrame Chatbot

MobileFrame customers have integrated our Chatbot technology into a wide range of applications, satisfying an array of use cases. Some of the more common use cases include:

Retail Virtual Assistants

App-based virtual assistants are very popular with our large-format retail customers, allowing customers to browse through the list of possible key phrases that can be used, such as to check prices, and inventory, even to help navigate large warehouse stores.

Field Service Diagnostics

Technicians in the field don’t always have both hands free for data entry. By recognizing natural language prompts, chatbots can easily transcribe checklists and security audits, or confirm diagnostic data for machinery, all while ensuring the data is documented in the proper systems.

Service Call Scheduling

By integrating with workforce scheduling applications, field technicians and customers alike can quickly schedule appointments, simply by asking “is someone available next Tuesday?” via a chat or voice interface.

Help Desk Enhancement

Chatbots are an effective, and easy, way to quickly triage help desk requests by either providing existing documentation to users, or by routing more complex requests to subject matter experts. Either way, costs are lowered.

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Chatbots for the Apps You Need on the Devices You Already Use

Like all MobileFrame-based applications, chatbot implementations are developed in a no-code environment, for cross-platform deployments. Build once, run anywhere, across iOS, Android, Windows & the web.

The MobileFrame Chatbot is a flexible add-on that seamlessly integrates with your backend, and is built on the industry’s most secure no-code mobile app development platform.

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