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Get crucial insights into your inventory, in real-time

DSD businesses can benefit greatly by spending more time shipping orders and less time on paperwork. Our DSD inventory management software provides real-time insight into inventory & warehouse operations, so your staff can spend less time filling out paperwork and more time on revenue generating activities.

Today's direct store delivery businesses deal with a staggering number of suppliers and SKU's. MobileFrame's inventory management solution provides DSD warehouse management software that improves operational efficiency by automating business processes and reducing the complexities inherent to DSD operations.

Our DSD inventory management software provides pinpoint accuracy and real-time visibility into balances and on-hand quantities beyond the four-walls. Utilizing our mobile apps, management dashboards, and GPS tracking capabilities, you can consolidate inventory across multiple locations, determine exact balances out for delivery, and know the exact location of all your drivers in real-time.

Simplify the inventory process & achieve better accuracy

Traditionally, lot and code date tracking has been a challenging necessity. MobileFrame's DSD inventory management software greatly simplifies the data collection process - your personnel simply perform scans using their handheld devices and the data is automatically synchronized to the back office. This ensures your entire staff has immediate access to accurate information. With real-time insight into days on-hand, sales calculation adjustments become more responsive and better account for seasonal volume changes, resulting in an immediate reduction in write-offs.

Our DSD inventory management software handles all of the pallet configuration complexities, so you staff can finish their receipt, transfer, adjustment, & cycle counts as quickly as possible. Users can view any related transaction, allowing them to easily address any variance they might have come across without resorting to cumbersome paper-based reports.

Key features of our DSD inventory management software include:

  • Real-time insight into inventory
  • Utilize handheld scanning for all transactions
  • Easily investigate variances
  • Track warehouse & on-truck inventory, down to the individual bin if desired
  • Create customized reports on-the-fly including pie charts, bar graphs, etc
  • Lot and code date tracking
  • Automate cycle count generation
  • Receive against inbound ASN/POs
  • Utilize our management dashboard and GPS tracking for better oversight
  • Leverage the MobileFrame platform to automate other business processes

Our DSD suite also includes

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